Babies & Papasans; my aggressive hugger

I just had to blog about an adorable scene.  The two one-year-olds love the papasan!  One of them will go up to it and say, “up! up!” and the other one will run over and say “up! up!” to get in at the same time.  Then they sit in it together, laughing and hugging and pushing each other.  Tots adorbs.

And I think the other kids are beginning to get used to our son’s style.  He is an aggressive hugger.  He loves hugging people, especially little kids.  So he chases each kid around (and the poor dog) multiple times per day so he can hug them.  Occasionally knocking them over while he does so.  After he hugs someone he grins & claps.  I can’t help but think it’s ridiculously cute even when the other kid is trying to avoid the hug.


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