Wow, I’m blogging.

Building a house is a lot of hurrying punctuated by a lot of waiting. And you often find yourself hurrying while you wait because it’s better than waiting and hurrying later, which means more waiting.

Right now we’re waiting for our certificate of occupancy, which is issued after final inspection and proves to anyone who cares that the house meets building codes and is safe to live in. If you’re wondering, as we were, if you really have to wait for the certificate to move in, you’re not alone:


The consensus on the internet is that it’s not such a good idea. So we wait.

In the meantime, I’ll entertain you by rambling about my history with roommates. I grew up in a single-family home with my parents and my sister. I started living with roommates in college and had roommates and housemates almost continuously until now. For a long time I assumed that I’d eventually have a place of my own that I’d share with just my family.

But why? Some of my housemates have become life-long friends. It’s been a pleasure to live with them and get to know them so well. And they made our lives so much easier after the little ones were born. So why wouldn’t I want people around all the time? I realized, over time, that I was only attracted to the idea of one family under a roof because I was accustomed to it. The single family home is a relatively recent invention and I wonder if, like many other modern habits, there’s more merit in the old traditions.


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